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donnacindy.jpgDonna Feldman and Cindy Rold created The Networking Gurus in 2003. As a result of leading Get Clients Now!™ courses, they realized that people wanted to establish and grow their networks, but they didn't know where to go or how to do it. They began compiling a list of networking events in the Denver area and giving it to people in their classes. As word of the list spread, more and more people asked to receive it so Donna and Cindy created a newsletter and now have thousands of subscribers.

In addition to leading Get Clients Now!, Donna and Cindy are both certified coaches who work with individuals across the world to help them become better marketers and networkers so they can grow their businesses, be more successful and achieve their goals.

About Donna

donna-sm1.jpgDonna is an experienced, certified coach, who works with busy professionals to help them make big improvements in their lives, careers, and businesses. Prior to coaching, Donna was a teacher and advisor for many years in an inner city school. As a result, she has a direct, no-nonsense style that gets rapid results for her clients. 

Donna left teaching when it was no longer satisfying, and created a step-by-step process to determine her new direction. She now teaches this same process to clients. In addition to coaching, she helps other professionals improve their lives and businesses through group programs, including "Get Clients Now!™," "Creating Abundance," "Goals in Action" and her Meetup group, "Social Media Marketing Study Hall" .  Donna is also a program leader and the Director of Licensing and Training for Get Clients Now!, overseeing the licensed facilitator program and in-house trainings.

Donna started her coaching business in 2002. As testimony to her business acumen, the Art Institute of Colorado hired Donna to teach their "Business Operations & Management" course, required of graduating seniors. 

Donna received her coach training and certification from the Coaches Training Institute. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from The University of New Mexico. Donna is committed to life-long learning and regularly participates in workshops on business development, personal growth, and spirituality. She uses all her training and experience to help clients get the results they want. 

Donna is co-founder of The Networking Gurus and The Networking Gurus News, the pre-eminent newsletter of networking know-how and venues in Denver. She also hosts the Denver Social Media & Marketing Study Hall. Donna regularly delivers presentations and workshops on networking, marketing, social media, goal-setting, and time management for business groups, trade groups and professional organizations. 

Whether it is facilitating a group, leading a seminar, or coaching a client, Donna thrives on giving people the tools and direction needed to take the next step. 

To contact Donna about hiring her as your coach or taking the Get Clients Now! program, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (303) 744-6428.

About Cindy
cindy09.jpgA master elite certified coach, professional speaker, published author, and Get Clients Now! licensed facilitator, Cindy Rold is a connector.  Dynamic, motivating, and fun, she works with individual and corporate clients around the world who are at the top of their game and want to get even better results faster.

Selected Experience:
•    Master Elite and Platinum Partner Coach at Anthony Robbins Company

•    Chief Maverick at Maverick Coaching & Speaking

•    Get Clients Now! Licensed Facilitator

•    Past President, Denver Coach Federation

•    Former Co-Managing Director, Just Networking, LLC

•    Former Board Member, Alliance of Professional Women  


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