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7 Ways to Connect When Your Networking Event is Cancelled  E-mail

Ah, springtime in the Rockies, and we've just had our second big
snowstorm in a week.  After a relatively dry winter, here we are in
March with back-to-back storms that have cancelled many networking
events, lunches, and meetings.

If you were planning to attend a networking event that got
cancelled, instead of feeling disappointed, pick one or more of
these relationship building activities to use during the time you
would have spent at the event:

1. Call someone you were looking forward to seeing at the event. 
Let them know how sorry you are the event was cancelled so you were
unable to see them in person.  Even if you end up leaving a voice
mail, the act of reaching out will let the other person know you
were thinking of them.

2. Call or e-mail people you haven't been in touch with for awhile. 

3. Update your contact list to add people you have met (if you're
not doing that regularly) or to update phone numbers and addresses.
4. Plan future Tweets, Facebook postings, and/or other social media

5. Send a hand-written note or letter to someone letting them know
you're thinking of them or how much your relationship means to you.

6. Plan an event of your own, perhaps a dinner with 6 people or
getting a few people together for coffee or a happy hour.

7. Read 99 Networking Nuggets to learn more networking tips and
techniques available at
Building and maintaining relationships is the key ingredient to
effective networking.  How you go about doing it is limited only by
your creativity and imagination.  The next time you're unable to
attend a planned event, for whatever reason, you can still use that
time to continue to build your network.


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