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Being an Outstanding Referral Partner  E-mail

We all know that getting referrals is one of the easiest ways to
grow our own businesses, but did you know that the opposite is also
true?  Giving referrals to other professionals is one of the best
ways to get people to refer business to you.

When a business associate needs a service and asks you for a
referral to another professional such as a web designer, an
attorney, or a printer, the easiest response is to think of someone
you know who meets the description and give that person's name and
phone number to your business associate.

A better way is to ask your business associate if you can call and
make the introduction.  Then you call the web designer, attorney,
or printer who you know and say, "Hello, Linda, my colleague Frank
is looking for a web designer who can do A, B, and C.  Are you a
good fit for him?"

This lets Linda know that you value her enough to pass on a
referral and it helps you better understand the scope of Linda's
services so you truly know good people to refer to her.  It also
gives you a reason to be in touch with Linda. 

You can take it a step further and ask Frank if you can have Linda
call him.  That way you get to call Linda with the contact
information of a potential client for her business.  That's the
best way to give a referral!

Looking for opportunities to refer business to your professional
contacts will help you build strong relationships. Picking up the
phone and actually calling them with the referral will do even
more.  People will not only thank, they'll remember you, and
they'll remember to refer business to you as well.

To keep your relationships strong and vibrant, don't just give
referrals.  Make the calls to give the referrals.  That will make
you an outstanding referral partner.


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Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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