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Five Ways to Network Anywhere, with Anyone! | Print |  E-mail

Do you assume that networking happens only at something called "a
business networking event"?  If you do, you're missing out!  We've
said it before and we'll say it again, networking is about
connecting with people.  You can do that anywhere - at a social
event, at a group function, at your child's soccer game or at a
neighborhood garage sale.  The Networking Gurus make connections
wherever they go and you can too.

Here are five ways we've recently made new connections and steps
you can take to do the same.

1. Talk to people you don't know. 
Even if you attend an event with someone, make an effort to talk to
others.  It's easy to talk to your friends or colleagues and harder
to reach out to someone new.  Yet that's how you will expand your
network.  At a writers' reception, Cindy talked to a woman who was
standing by herself.  She was a literary agent and after hearing
about Cindy's book, she asked to read the first three chapters. 
Action Step:  When attending an event where you know people, step
out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to someone new.

2. Talk to people you do know. 
We often forget to make sure everyone in our sphere knows what we
do.  Our sphere is not just our business acquaintances, it includes
our friends, family and social acquaintances as well.  A social
acquaintance contacted Donna to present an in-house company
training.  This acquaintance knew enough about Donna's business and
services to contact her with an opportunity.
Action Step:  This week, talk about your business with 5 or more
people in your social sphere.

3. Always bring your business card. 
At a social reception, Cindy met an interesting writer from
California.  They chatted and she asked for a card, which he didn't
have.  She gave him two of hers - one to keep and one to return to
her with his information written on the back of it.  Donna was at a
friend's birthday party where someone she met was interested in
coaching and asked for her card. 
Action Step:  Check your supply of business cards.  Make sure you
have a sizable stack of cards in your purse, briefcase, gym bag,
glove compartment, wallet, jacket pockets, home and office.

4. Introduce yourself to the speaker or organizer of an event.
While attending an alumni event, Cindy introduced herself to the
speaker afterwards.  It turned out they had a lot in common and
Cindy went to hear the speaker the next night.  During that
conversation, they discovered that the speaker might be able to
help Cindy with a project.
 Action Step:  At the next event you attend, make a point of
introducing yourself to the speaker or the organizer of the event.
You don't know where that might lead you.

 5. Check out people's web sites and look for things in common.
Cindy was attending a social event organized through a sports club.
The organizer included his web site in the signature line of his
e-mail (a great networking and marketing tip).  Cindy checked the
web site before the event, which led her to tell the organizer
about someone she knew who might be good for him to know.  The
conversation started by that introduction led to a follow-up lunch. 
 Action Step:  Make sure your e-mail signature line includes your
web site (if you have one) and contact information.  Click on other
people's web sites if it seems you might have common interests.

 Our challenge:  Pick one of the five steps above and take action!
If you do, you will find that you can network anywhere with anyone,
whether it's attending a picnic wearing your most casual attire or
going to a formal event wearing your business clothes. 


You are welcome to reprint and distribute copies of our articles provided you follow our reprint guidelines .   

Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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