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Follow Up is Easy When You Create A Reason  E-mail

When it comes to following-up with the people we meet, most of us have really good intentions. . . as well as a long list of very good reasons why we can't. 

Good intentions without action won't get you what you want.  So let's put away the "can't" reasons and find "can" reasons. If you create a reason to follow up during a conversation or meeting following up becomes easy.
A good time to create a reason to follow-up is during your initial conversation.  If you focus on how you can help the people you meet, instead of on what they can do for you, you're more likely to hear a need that you can help with later. 

Based on the need you discovered, you can contact them later with a resource or some information that they might find useful. Make sure it's something they will find valuable and is not all about you and your service or product, unless, of course, they've specifically asked for that information.
If you're unable to find a need and you still want to follow up,
here are 10 easy follow up actions you can take:
1. Invite them to connect on LinkedIn.
2. Invite them to become your Friend on Facebook.
3. Become a "Fan" or "Like" their Page on Facebook.
4. Suggest your Facebook Business Page to them. 
5. Follow them on Twitter.
6. Invite them to an event you're attending.
7. Forward information on a class or event they might find of
8. Forward a blog post they might find of interest.
9. Connect them to someone you think they would like to meet.
10. Invite them to coffee.
If you're helpful, thoughtful, curious, and generous with your resources, you'll find it much easier to follow up with people.  Not only that, but they'll probably be glad you did!


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