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How to Easily Make Referrals to Your Networking Partners  E-mail

You've heard that participating in a referral or leads group can
help you generate new business, yet you may be hesitant to join
one.  If your fear is that you won't be able to pass leads to your
fellow members, don't worry, it's an easy skill to learn.  Here's

1. To give leads, all you need to do is listen and ask questions.
Whether you're at a business seminar, your kid's soccer game, or
your power aerobic workout class, start by paying attention to what
people are talking about.  Even better, what are they complaining
about?  What are they wishing for?  Are their insurance rates too
high but they don't have time to call around and find a better
plan?  Is their office a mess and they just can't seem to get
organized?  Does their neck hurt from too many hours hunched over
their computer screen?  That's your cue to jump in and say, "Hey, I
know someone who can help you with that!"

To get even more information, ask a leading question such as
"What's your biggest challenge with...keeping your office
organized, spending hours on end on the computer, providing
insurance for yourself and your family? "
2. When you hear an opportunity to make a referral to someone
in your group, jump right in and grab it!  You might say something
like, "I know someone who can help you with that.  I met Sally
through my networking group and she's a pro when it comes to saving
you money on insurance.  I bet she can help you with that.  Would
you like me to have her give you a call?"  (hint, always get
3. Make the connection.  Once you have permission, call Sally and
give her the lead. Don't wait until your next meeting to pass the
lead; leads can quickly grow cold.  Be sure to follow up with both
people.  Did Sally follow up on the lead?  Did she provide the
service?  Was your contact happy with the service Sally provided? 
If you start by paying attention to the wants and needs of people
in your personal and business network, you'll begin to notice
plenty of opportunities to give referrals to other business
professionals.  By joining a leads or referral group, you'll be
part of a team where everyone is focused on helping each other grow
their business through referrals.


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Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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