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At a recent networking presentation we were asked this question by
a graphic designer: I'm looking to meet CEO's, CFO's or COO's, but
when I'm out networking, I meet mostly middle and lower-level
managers.  What do I do to get to the right people?  

If the people you want to meet aren't at the networking events you
attend, how can the people who are there or who you already know
help you make those contacts?

You could start by asking them for referrals, resources, and
information to help you make the connections you need to grow your

"Hi, I'm Donna Feldman of The Networking Gurus and I wonder if you
could help me.  I'm looking to meet CEOs of mid-size companies to
talk with about my coaching  services. Who do you know who is a CEO
that I could speak  with? Who do you know who works for one, is
related to one, is married to one, plays golf with one. . . ?"

Be clear when asking for help.  Tell people how they can help you
by telling them who you want to meet and why.  Don't forget to ask
how you can help them, and follow-up all referrals with a thank you.

Another solution is to find out where the people you want to meet
hang out.  If it's on the golf course, you may need to take up golf
to meet them.  Is there a professional organization or service
group where you might connect with these people? Where else can you
go to meet the types of people you want to connect with?  Remember,
networking is about building relationships in many ways and through
many venues; it's not just about attending networking events.

If you're not meeting the "right" people at your events, you're not
attending the right events, or you're not asking the right
questions. Network your way to the top by asking the people you do
know for help in finding both places to go and people to meet. 


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Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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