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Show a Little Respect  E-mail

One of the most important ways to build and nurture your network is
to respect it.  Treat the people in your network the way you want
to be treated.  This sounds simple, yet we find people abuse their
networks often.  The following list shows a lack of respect for
your network.

1. Subscribing people to your e-mail newsletter without asking
their permission.
This happens to us all the time.  People assume that because we
send them a newsletter, we must want to receive their newsletter.
That's not the case.  You must ask everyone whether they want to
receive it.  Just because you meet someone at a networking event
and receive their business card does not mean they have given you
permission to add them to your e-mail newsletter. 
One woman said a man she met at a meeting has sent her his
newsletter every week for the last two years.  She never asked for
it and deletes it unread each week.  Do you think she remembers his
name?  Yes.  Do you think she would ever do business with him?  No.
2. Failing to honor someone's unsubscribe request.
Lately someone subscribed us to their newsletter without our
permission (violating Rule #1).  We have unsubscribed four times -
twice by using the unsubscribe link in the newsletter and twice by
replying to the newsletter e-mail and asking to be unsubscribed.
Nothing has worked, and we continue to get the newsletter.
3. Forwarding jokes, chain e-mails and other "fluff."
Most of us are inundated with e-mails.  Unless you know for certain
that the subject matter of an e-mail will appeal to a particular
person, do not send it.  It's too easy to hit forward and send to
everyone, and  most people will find that annoying.

4. Failing to hide all names & e-mail addresses when
sending group emails. 
When you're sending a group e-mail, use the Bcc feature,
so you don't let everyone in the group see everyone else's names
and e-mail addresses.  I once forgot to use the Bcc feature, and
one of the recipients immediately e-mailed everyone on the list
(all people he didn't know) asking them to buy something from him. 

When you remember the Golden Rule and treat people the way
you want to be treated, you will have a network that will welcome
your calls and will support you for years to come. 


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Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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