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Topics of Conversation: Personal or Business? | Print |  E-mail

At a recent networking presentation, the Gurus were asked, "You
said that talking about personal topics is good, but if I'm at a
business networking event, isn't that inappropriate?  Won't the
other person be offended?"

Remember, you're networking to create relationships.  Relationships
get established between people who have personal lives and things
to talk about outside of their work or business.  Talking about
personal topics allows you to get to know each other better.  And
people buy from those people they know, like, and trust.

Imagine, if I find out you like Duke basketball, I feel an instant
connection with you because I like Duke basketball.  That has
nothing to do with business, but it deepens our bond and gives us
more ways to relate to each other.  Because of that connection,
you'll enjoy talking to me more, even when we're talking about
business issues.

People hunger for connections of all types with each other.  Doubt
it?  Just think about how often you meet someone and start trying
to find ways to connect.  "Oh, you're from Wisconsin? Where?  I
went to college in Waukesha." "You grew up in Denver? What high
school did you go to?"  We play that kind of game all the time, as
we try to find ways that we are like others.

So, make it personal, even when you're doing business networking.
Your connections will be deeper and more satisfying.


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