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Cindy Rold and Donna Feldman are available to speak to groups of any size about networking tips and techniques.

Networking Made Easy (and Effective)
When was the last time your phone rang and someone said they had a job you might be interested in, they wanted to nominate you for an award, or they wanted to purchase your product or service?  You only receive those calls when people know you, like you, and trust you.  That happens as a result of the relationships you have established over time.  Networking is a time-honored way to connect to other people and to form relationships that help you in both your personal and professional lives.  Networking is also about giving, about you being the one making the call that benefits another.  Learn how to make networking easy and effective so you can be both the giver and receiver.

Cindy Rold is also available to deliver keynote speeches or workshops on the following topics:

Thriving in the Face of Change
Change is an undeniable fact of life – whether it’s societal change, professional change, or personal change.  When faced with change, it is easy to resist or deny that it is happening or just be swept along by it.  Those who thrive, however, know how to embrace change, not just accept and cope with it.  In this program, learn about the change process and gain tools to implement changes successfully in your own life.

Bouncing Up, Not Back
Imagine a young woman on holiday in Australia. She meets an English earl.  Love blossoms.  They get engaged.  Six months later she learns the earl was really an IRA terrorist and murderer who escaped from prison one week before they met.  Cindy Rold lived this experience.  She uses it to teach you how to face challenges in both your professional and personal life.

Risk-Taking for Pleasure and Profit
Risk-taking is a part of our lives, needed to get ahead and to experience joy.  Yet some become paralyzed by risks and can’t move.  Whether you’re speaking in front of a group, being promoted, or managing employees for the first time, you’re taking a risk. This entertaining speech uses physical metaphors (firewalking, parasailing, flying on a trapeze) to teach practical and fun ways to be a successful risk taker.  You, too, can reap the rewards of engaging in risky behavior.

Overcoming Obstacles: How to Stay Focused When You’re Overwhelmed
In this interactive session, you will learn how to set up your life according to your values and priorities so that you experience time in a way that keeps you consistently fulfilled rather than consistently overwhelmed by your ever-growing to-do list.  You’ll leave feeling empowered and energized.