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10 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Facebook Page  E-mail

We all know that getting a referral from a satisfied customer is one of the best ways to get new clients, the problem is, this can be a long, slow process. Using social media can help speed up the process.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends and with just one click of the "Like" button they let all those friends know that they are recommending you, your product or your service.

Why focus on getting "likes"?

1. The minute someone "likes" your page they have subscribed to receive your updates. This means you can continue to interact with them and build the relationship.

2. When someone "likes" your page it automatically lets all their friends know that they have endorsed you.

So how do you get more "likes"? By using as many of these actions as possible, and don't give up, once is not enough to see results!

10 easy actions you can take to get a "Like"

1.  Invite your email and ezine subscribers.
2.  Include your Facebook url in your signature block.
3.  Place a Facebook button on your website and blog.
4.  Add your Facebook url to all your print materials.
5.  Add a link to your page on all your social networking profiles.
6.  Place an ad on Facebook.
7.  Run a contest on Facebook.
8.  Put your Facebook url on your business card.
9.  Put a sign up in your place of business.
10. Link your personal profile to your business page.

Once you have the "like" you need to continue to interact with people and build on the relationship, just like you do when you're networking in person. And that reminds me, the next time you're at a networking event, ask people  to "like" you... on Facebook!






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