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Hearing "no" is an inevitable part of marketing yourself or your
business.  Someone you meet might say no to meeting you for coffee,
hearing your proposal, or buying your product or service.  A no can
mean many things, including, "I don't have time now; I don't have
money now; I don't need your product or service now. "
When you hear no, what's your initial reaction?  Do you hide and
brood and take some time to get over it or do you move on to the
next call, meeting, or activity with confidence?  .

While no one likes hearing a no, there are a few things you can do
to help move you forward without letting a no have a negative
impact on you and your marketing activities.  Not sure what to do?

Here are 6 things you can do when you hear a no:

1. Don't take a no personally.
  The person is not rejecting you; he
or she is only saying no to your proposal.

2. Make getting no's a game and set a goal for the number of no's
you can get.  One client did this and called a former client only
because she expected him to say no and it would get her closer to
her goal of no's.  Imagine her surprise when she heard a yes.

3. Be politely persistent in following up.  Unless a person says,
"I never want to hear from you again," a no today doesn't mean a no
tomorrow.  It could turn into a yes a week, a month, or a year from
now but only if you are persistent. 

4. Remain confident in yourself.  Do not beat yourself up or berate
yourself. Use empowering language that supports and uplifts you.

5. Remain confident in what you are offering. Remind yourself of
the value of your product or service and how much others benefit
from what you provide.

6. Learn from every no.  Each no provides an opportunity for you to
find out more information that will help you get to a yes later on
with that person or with someone else.

Learning to bounce back quickly from a no will help you be more
effective in your marketing efforts.  Practicing these 6 techniques
will make it that much easier the next time you hear a no.


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Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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