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Facebook Friending: Do's and Don'ts  E-mail

You probably have face-to-face networking etiquette down pat.  But do you know the rules of professional networking on Facebook?

Here are some simple guidelines to make the most of your Facebook relationships. 

Making Friends:
Whenever  you request a friendship include a brief message introducing yourself and explaining why you want to connect with that individual.

Some people accept all friend requests, but many only accept requests from people they know. 

Check your Privacy settings:
By changing your privacy options to allow adds only from friends of friends, people will be forced to send a message first. That way you can also be discerning about who you friend.

BTW, It's perfectly okay to not accept a friend request.

Playing Nice With Your Friends:
poke. Ouch!

spam. Yuck!

tag friends in unattractive photos. Friends don't tag friends on a bad hair day! In fact, don't upload unattractive photos.

post something you wouldn't say out loud in public.

just talk about your products or services.

post personal messages on a wall, the wall is public and goes to all friends.

contribute to the conversation.

post comments and share other's posts.

respond to people.

Just like in-person networking, online networking is about building relationships. Talk to people, ask questions, make comments, share resources and information and you'll be sought after as a good online networking connection.





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