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Five Strategies to Help You Stand Out from the Competition | Print |  E-mail

Whether you are looking for customers or looking for a job, one way
to set yourself apart from the competition is to become known as an
expert .  Given today's tough economy, getting yourself noticed is
more important than ever.    While this may sound like it would
take years to achieve, with the help of today's social media, you
can become known as an expert almost overnight.  And if you've yet
to embrace social networking, there are more traditional methods to
use as well.

To help you get started on getting noticed, here's an overview of
the five main strategies you can use to set yourself up as an
expert in your field.  Start by picking a topic you like, something
you know, that you can share with others.  Then choose just one of
the strategies below, keeping in mind that you'll get better
results with consistent action in one area rather than spreading
yourself too thin by trying to do too much.  

1. Writing - Start writing articles and tips you can submit to
magazines, ezines, newspapers or other publications where your
target market might see them.

2. Speaking - Many groups need guest speakers, especially if you
are willing to speak for free.  Create a speech you can give
repeatedly and become known for on a topic of interest to your
target market.

3. Blogging - If you're not quite ready to create your own blog, an
easy way to get noticed and develop a following is by commenting on
other blogs that people in your target market might read.  If
you've got a lot to say, launch your own blog and post regularly to

4. Online Social Networking - You can create a strong online
presence by using one, or more, of the sites out there, such as
LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.  To really be effective, you will
need to contribute regularly to whichever site you choose.

5. Hosting a Teleseminar - This is a great way to share your
expertise with others.   Using one of the free bridge line
services, you can teach something of value to hundreds of people at

Don't wait to choose one of these strategies.  Whether you're
running a business or making a career change, using any of these
strategies will add to your success by helping you stand out in a
crowded field.

If you would like some help creating your plan to get noticed, we
work with professionals just like you to help you grow your
business, attract more clients, create work/life balance, and
achieve any goal you want.  If you're curious about how coaching
can help you achieve your goals in 2012, give one of us a call for
a complimentary consultation.


You are welcome to reprint and distribute copies of our articles provided you follow our reprint guidelines .   

Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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