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How to Easily Find Networking Events  E-mail

What is it that stops you from networking?  You know you need to do
it, it's on your list and you really meant to go to an event this
week... if only you knew where to go. 
In addition to all of the events listed in our newsletter, finding
other places to network is as easy as turning on your computer,
going to your favorite search engine, and typing in the words
"networking events [your city]" or "business networking events
[your city]".  Scan through the results and you're sure to find
many local meetings and events to attend.
When looking for events, try for a mix of activities.  You can go
to traditional business networking events,  trade shows and
association meetings, business after hours social events,
workshops, seminars, lectures,  and clubs and interest group
To easily find events, use the sites listed below. You can search
most of these sites by city name or zip code to find events located
in your area.
The Networking Gurus lists national and local networking
organizations on these pages:   and is the world's largest network of local groups.  You'll
find everything here from business networking events, singles
events, to yoga classes, dog walking groups (by breed!) and more.
Set up a free account and sign up for the once-weekly email
calendar of all the Meetups happening in your area. 

Eventbrite allows you to search for events by location and
category.  It also allows you to register for the event as well as
easily share events with your connections. 
Eventful is an events website which not only lists events, it also
has a social networking aspect allowing you to connect with other
users. helps you find out where to go and what to do. You can
search for events by Type, City, Time and Category. 

LinkedIn has an events section listed right on your homepage.
Click on one of the events to get to events section where you can
search for events in your area. You'll also find events, lectures,
classes, and seminars listed on many of the Group pages. 

Facebook allows you to see events your friends are hosting or
attending, and to share those events with others.  You can also
find events on Fan pages and within Groups. 

Twitter is a social networking site, but you can use it to search
for events in your area.  Search for Tweetup and you might find a
gathering of twitter users in your area. 
Craigslist is a large classified site which includes listings of
events and classes.  
If this list seems daunting, start with one source, find one
event you want to attend, and go to it.  The next week, you can
return to the same source or check out a different one. Breaking it
down into tiny steps will ensure you get out and start networking.


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Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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