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How to Network Offline With Your Online Connections  E-mail

A new client who is starting a business mentioned that while she
was putting a lot of time and effort into her online marketing and
networking, she had yet to see any tangible results (i.e. clients).
She asked if she needed to add some offline activities, such as
attending networking events or meeting with people one-on-one.
Yes, she does, and if you're not complementing your online
networking with face-to-face meetings, you do too!
Online networking is an important tool for increasing your
visibility, but visibility alone is not enough to win new customers
or get that job interview.  Having hundreds of online connections
is no different than having a drawer full of business cards; you
still need a way to deepen the connection and build a relationship.
One of the best ways to do this is by finding a way to meet
Meeting in person can take an online relationship to a new level.
Here are 3 ways to take your online relationships out of cyberspace
and into a real place.
1. Are you going to a conference out of town?  Attending a local
business event?  Going to a sporting or other social event?  Let
your network know where you'll be and invite them to meet if
they'll be there too.
2. Same as #1 in reverse.
Pay attention to posts from your network about events they will
attend. If you're going to be there also, contact them and suggest
meeting in person at the event.
3.  Go to an offline meeting of an online group.  Many of the
online groups have started having offline real world meetings.
Here are a few places to meet your online connections offline:
For LinkedIn users, ( ) check Groups and
Events on LinkedIn to find local in person meetings.
For Denver LinkedIn Live events go to
For Twitter users, ( ) search Twitter for
local tweetups.
In Denver, search for #denvertweetup, follow @denvertweetup, or
While it's easy and convenient to do your networking online, don't
underestimate the importance of maintaining your offline, in
person, presence as well.  Our challenge this week is to take an
action to deepen at least one of your online connections. 


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Copyright © 2012, The Networking Gurus, Donna Feldman and Cindy Rold.

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