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Nurture Your Network With These 8 Simple Actions  E-mail

Have you thought recently about how large your network is?   If you’re like most people, it’s probably much larger than you think.  In addition to the obvious, it includes people you went to school with, past colleagues, neighbors, parents of your friends' children; the list goes on.

While many people stress increasing your network by adding to your friends, followers, and connections, you also need to nurture the connections you already have by adding value to the people in your network.  Here are just a few of the things you can do to nurture your connections.

8 ways to add value to your networking connections

1. Provide insight into or advice about a challenge someone is facing
2. Send an article you know will interest the recipient
3. Recommend a book that your contact will enjoy
4. Introduce two people in your network to each other
5. Remember someone’s birthday or anniversary with a card, a note, or a phone call
6. Let someone know about a meeting of a professional organization, a networking event, a speaker, or some other event you think will interest them
7. Invite them to attend that event with you
8. Add an insightful comment to a post on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media

Use these ideas as a starting point and take into account your personality and preferences to find ways that work for you.  When you focus on other people, meeting their needs, and adding value to them, you deepen your connection with them and keep the relationship vibrant and growing.  This is just as vital as adding more people to your already large network.

The key to successfully nurturing your network is to be intentional by creating a plan, a system, or a structure so you can easily stay in touch. 







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